Dog walking is the most popular service at A Dog’s Best Friend.

We attempt to provide a flexible service by offering the choice of individual and group walks at a time to suit you and your dog. There is no extra charge for your dog being walked alone or if walked ‘out of hours’ (Out of hours doesn’t really exist at A Dog’s Best friend).

Your dog will be collected from your home in the agreed timeslot. If they are part of a group walk they will be transported in the ‘A Dog’s Best Friend’ Van to the walk location. Group numbers are kept to no more than six, with one of those being my own dog Charlie. The Van is equipped with crates to ensure segregation if neccesary. Even the friendliest of dogs can get anxious in a confined space with other dogs they only see every so often.

Individual walks will begin from your home.

We save each and every dogs details into our phone. Including their address, owners contact details and their vetenary details incase of emergency. We have never had to take a dog in my care to a vets (touch wood) but should we ever need to, we are fully prepared with all of the details that we need. We are  Pet First Aid trained in case of emergency, and will gain consent at our initial consultation to administer this.

We provide you, with a daily or weekly update of your pets week depending on which option you prefer. We are sure you will be eager to know if your beloved dog is having a great time.

During the initial consultation, paperwork is collated to obtain as much information as possible. This ensures that the needs of both you and your dog are met consistently.



Walks tailored to your needs

The flexibility of A Dog’s Best Friend is there to give you the peace of mind that where it is possible to assist you, we will be there.


Fully insured & Police checked

All reputable Dog Walkers should obtain insurance, as well as undergoing a DBS check. You are trusting me in your home. Providing an up to date police check is the least I can do.

Please see the ‘Credentials’ page for a summary of the areas covered by the insurance.


Pet First Aid Qualified

Should an emergency occur, no time will be wasted in obtaining medical help from your vet. However, whilst organising the visit to the vet, it is important to keep your dog safe and prevent any further injury. I have undertaken a Pet First Aid course to facilitate this.


A Desire to Learn and Improve

There are always things you can learn no matter how long you have been doing something. I intend to continue learning about my business, animals and myself. I am currently undertaking two qualifications: Animal psychology and Animal Training and Pet sitting.


– Scoops the Poop
– Drives Safely
– Has the facilities to separate dogs for transport
– Offers a variety of walks
(individual or group with a variety of walk locations)
– Regular pictures and updates posted on social media
(with owner consent)
– A level of communication chosen by the owner

'We care about your pets like they are one of our own'