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A Little About Me…

a861e9_54ea2348a73141099926e866ef42647eI’ve always loved animals, I have found the two dogs who have been part of my life to be the most loyal, loving and rewarding friendships I have ever had.

After losing my amazing best friend Leety in 2014, I lasted around eight weeks without a dog in my life. The house was so quiet and no longer felt like a home. Into my life came Charlie…

a861e9_abb1515829634ca8a1733e2aeeca3369This little man changed my life and led me to starting ‘A Dog’s Best Friend’. He suffered quite badly with separation anxiety as a young dog, being on my own I found it difficult to find ways of managing this when I had to inevitably leave him for work.

Through walking Charlie I encountered a number of dog walkers and thought what a wonderful job it would be. Working with animals, being my own boss, having plenty of exercise and of course solving my Charlie problems.

And… there we have it, the seed was planted. The research began, and the business was started. It has been a fantastic journey so far and I am loving every minute of it. I have turned my love of animals into my career. A Dog’s Best Friend belongs to me, meaning that I take extreme pride in the way it is run and do everything I possibly can to provide a reliable, flexible and trustworthy service to every customer and their furry friends. 

'We care about your pets like they are one of our own'